Summer Care for Sabong Chicken

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Summer caring for your sabong rooster taking care of a sabong rooster is not easy as you think . You need to invest your time and effort to raise a sabong warrior. And you need to be dedicated to him. Taking care of sabong roosters will vary from season to season. If you don’t be careful in seasons or fail to take care of them, your chicken will end up with sickness. Especially when it’s so hard during the hot seasons. So they need special care so sabongwm88 will teach you how to do that. Let’s jump to some summer take-care tips.

How do roosters show that it is already summer what are the symptoms?

During the summer season, the temperature in the atmosphere will be very high and this may suffocate the chickens. Already they are caged and adding some hotness will no good for their health. So your cock will show some signs of discomfort during this season. But most of the cockers for sabong betting out there don’t pay attention to these jesters and this may lead your chicken to end up with illness. If your chicken is separated from the flock and spending more time alone then you can tell it is hot. And they suddenly start to drink lots of water because of dehydration. If they are enough hydrated then they won’t drink so much water. You can see their eyes are swallowed and tired. And you will see eye boogers. This is a sign of extreme cases of hotness during the summer season.

Roosters will show some breathing trouble during this season. They open their mouth continuously and try to breathe hard. Roosters spending so much time in shades or digging pits in the sand and staying there so much time are the significant signs of “It’s summer” for them. You should consider these signs and do remedies to avoid their troubles. In this situation, cockers do not let them do sabong matches. Because the body is already super tired and will feel low. So instead of resting and gaining strength if you let them in a sabong match, you can’t get the expected result so be patient.

How to keep sabong rooster healthy during the summer season

Taking care of sabong chicken includes food, water, and nutrition. In this season they need more health than regular. So they need to eat well and sleep well than regular let’s see how we can care for them sabongwm88 will provide you with some  tips for sabong roosters.

Keep them hydrated

Give them tons of water. Make sure they drink well, at regular intervals without choking. They probably won’t feel tired by keeping the cocks hydrated always. Water has a significant role in roosters’ life without it they won’t survive. Water improves their digestion system and it also helps them not get constipated.

You can use the “Water drinkers with open state” for example you can take a bowl or bucket and fill the water with stones or ceramic troughs so the water will always be cool. By this act you can keep the water bacteria-free., especially in the summer season you can use food-grade plastic to fill the water else there will be a chemical reaction and chemicals will combine with the water, which is not good.

Using nipple drinkers will be extremely effective.

Cokers also need to add electrolytes and ionizers to water so that the digestive system of the chicken will be better. So they can consume food without any hardship.

Sabong rooster diet in the summer season

Water plays a key role in the summer season. Drinking at regular intervals will help them to get rid of tiredness and suffocation. At this time you need to take care of your diet. We need to give them more clean and fresh foods in order to avoid any sickness.

When you give rice or corn like food you can’t give them too directly. First, you need to clean it then dry it then store it in a cool place. You can provide this food to your sabong rooster at regular intervals.

And you can add more green vegetables in the summer season. And you are also adding beef. Bait and fish will help them to boost their stamina. Protein-rich food always helps digestion and health. You can count on that. This will energize them.

Giving supplements to the sabong rooster

Dehydration is a dangerous situation when it’s coming to the summer season. So you need to add some supplements along with the water to avoid this situation else this will lead your rooster to death. You can add electrolytes to gluco-k-c or with dried sea water or oresol powder. Consuming this will prevent dehydration. When temperatures reach 104 degrees Celcius roosters will lose their fat to it. This excess loss will lead them to death.

Sometimes it is only possible to get readymade electrolytes solutions so you can make them using homemade by using the available items.

Homemade electrolyte solution ingredients

1/2 teaspoon of potassium chloride
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon table salt
1table spoon sugar
1-gallon water

Mix this well and place it in the corresponding chicken coop. Leave it for 4-6 hr per day. And change the water every day.
Do not give electrolytes to the healthy chicken who is not suffering from dehydration

Keep the feather thinner

We discussed internal factors about how to reduce heat for sabong roosters in summer. But what about outside factors? How to cool them from outside? It is not possible to keep the farm always cool or spray the floor and surroundings to cool down them. It is always not practical.

So you need to trim down the feathers of your chicken in order to reduce the heat. By trimming they will feel less heat. It’s a lie we humans wear cotton cloth in summer just like that. It helps them to fight the climate.

Important things that take into account while raising sabong chicken during summer 

It’s summer it’s hot so we need to make the rooster’s coop cool. Trimming the feathers and giving them summer-defeating foods is not enough to cool them. We need to cool down their living area too. When you build the coop always keep in mind to build a dry, airy, and warm. And a lot of space. Space is important in their growth. Movements make them stronger. Also, help to develop muscles.

Install a misting system on the roof of the coop in order to reduce the heat you can use exhaust fans for the coop to blow out the hot air.

Install a thermometer in the coop so you are aware of the temperature. Improving the water supply will make them hydrated. An active supply of food and nutrition will help a lot in heat reduction. Adjust the density of cages so they won’t suffocate.

Let’s summarize things

Electrolytes should be added to their water.
Corn and scratch should be avoided.
Maintain a constant supply of cold water.
Install a fan in the chicken coop.
Provide shelter for chickens.
Limit your interaction with the flock.
Spray the coop with cold water.
Provide frozen treats

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