Scientifical way to take care of a rooster before sabong

The participants of a sabong should be raised in a proper manner to give their best shot in sabong. They should train at a high level. Exercise regularly in order to develop muscles and also eat nutrient-rich foods to maintain strength. All these key factors will help your rooster fight with full rage. When it’s coming to feeding your roosters there are certain scientific concerns. You should feed the chicken which can boost its strength as well as the ability to fight with rage. We sabongwm88 Will help you to discover more about the scientific standards need to keep while feeding your rooster before sabong.

How to Care for Your Rooster Before Sabong

cockfightPreparation phase before Sabong

In every field, everyone needs preparation before a certain event, likewise, before sabong your roosters also need a preparation phase. This involves all kinds of preparation. You are raising your rooster to make it ready for the sabong so you definitely care for your chicken in a proper manner from birth to adulthood. When you realize that finally, your cock is ready for the sabong then you need to change the normal routine to a special routine. You need to switch to this specific routine 10 days of any sabong held in the Philippines. Feeding your rooster with the scientific standard is considered the best method. In this method, you literally prepare the chicken sabong ready. Let’s see the special routine now! How it goes and is it applicable to your chicken

Make sure your Rooster is hydrated by giving water at regular intervals of time

You need to give your roosters water in fixed intervals in order to avoid choking happens during the sabong. By giving water in certain situations you can simply avoid this situation. This trick will help your chicken to become more powerful. Between 3 am and 4.30 am, you need to wake up and give your rooster a certain amount of water. And don’t let them drink it on their own. Because they won’t drink the correct amount of water instead they will spill it around. So it will be useless. So you need to take initiative and compel your rooster to drink the water.

Clean your rooster an initial bath with dew

The dew bath should give to your rooster in the early morning. For this dew bath, you need to prepare the dew in advance. Take a dry cotton cloth to clean your rooster with dew. Before bathing, you need to give your an idea to your rooster that you are going to give a bath. Therefore you need to dip a small portion of the clean cloth in the dew and then gently rub it over the rooster’s beak. In this way, your rooster doesn’t get shocked suddenly. After this, you can use the same cloth to wipe the rooster’s whole body. Don’t let your rooster bathe alone all by himself. This will make your rooster weak by catching a cold. The dew bath can be done by 5 am. For blood circulation, you can add some white wine all over the rooster and massage well.

Essential morning workout

After bathing your rooster in dew drops. You can enter the workout section. For this, your chicken needs to run for about 1 hr. At 9 am you can let your chicken to the yard and let it run freely past half time you can make your chicken rest by putting it in the cage for .10 minutes rest you can relieve him to continue running for the next half year. In this way, your chicken can build strength.

cockfight sabong

Little torture needs to be done

Don’t mistake torture for animal abuse. This is a practice that goes on for 10 days of the sabong. So the roosters can beat such tortures during the sabong.To make your rooster tough you need to slap lightly the chicken in the middle of the afternoon. To burn some fat and able to respond immediately you can do a special exercise. Stuffing your rooster. Place your hand down on the chicken breast then lift it for a few seconds. In this way, you can stuff the rooster. Do this up and down gently seven or 8 times. Then release the rooster and let it fall down. Sounds a little weird right? But it is necessary.

Making suffering the chicken before sabong will increase the anger and excitement in a rooster this will boost their inner fighter and they will fight back will double the energy. After this practice, you can free him to take a rest. Take a look at the chicken feet for 10-15 minutes and make sure that it’s not harmed in anyways. Also, cover the spurs and beaks in order to prevent getting harmed.

sabong 888

Let your rooster absorb some of  the sun’s energy 

Sunbathe is the next phase in taking care of the roosters before sabong. For this, you need to choose the afternoon time. Around 5 pm. Is the best time for sunbathing because at this time the sun won’t be so harsh, the sun is about to set so the impact of ultraviolet rays will be at a moderate rate. This time is the best to absorb vitamin D.

Therefore, sprinkle some white wine on the rooster then let him dry in the sun. Scientifically caring for your rooster before sabong is sure to consume a lot of time and energy. For this purpose even you need to wake up early morning. But it is all well worth it once you see your rooster fight like a dragon warrior in the sabong pit.

Daily check-ups are necessary

Daily check your rooster’s poop. From the texture of the poop, you can determine whether your rooster is healthy or not. Normal stools will be lumpy and dry. So as it is normal it’s not a big deal your rooster is 100% healthy.  If you encounter loose, green, or bloody stool before the sabong days then your roosters’ digestive system must be in trouble. Because of this, they can’t perform their best in such conditions. So every day you need to commit to patrolling duty, and you need to go to the chicken coop every night and make sure your roosters sleep well.  If they are healthy then they will sleep tight and work out with full energy the next day. If you detect any kind of rooster breathing trouble or coughing then the next day you need to treat it with hot licorice water. Make your rooster drink heated licorice water this will help him to cleanse the throat and reduce phlegm.

Check up on how roosters are crowing in the morning if they crowing normally with high sound and clear throat! It won’t be a problem if he is healthy. If he is crowing with laziness or in low voice he must be in sickness so you can treat him with regular medicine. If he is not crowing at all then this is a dangerous situation. You need to consult a veterinarian immediately.

Essential nutrition for the rooster before sabong

To give a majestic performance on the sabong pit rooster need to gain physical strength.To gain these cockers you need to combine nutrition with normal food. What are the essentials? How to combine them? Sabongwm88 will teach you how to do that

Regular food makes them stronger

Rice is the best regular food that feeds the roosters but not directly like those broiler chickens that grow for meat. Rice for fighting rooster need to under several processes. First, you need to wash the rice with clean water and let them sprout well after that you need to dry them under the sun or cook them in boiled water. You can use another method this methods involve leavened boiled rice. You can cook the rice and then leave it to be dew-dried overnight. Again dry before you feed the rooster. In both ways, you can feed your rooster vitamin-rich food. Avoid using an apron to feed the chicken at every meal; if the fowl stops eating, immediately put the rice away and wait until the next meal to continue eating. Always provide clean water for the fighting cock to drink, free of dust and other toxins.

Add a lot of nutrition to food

Rice is the main course for fighting roosters. Other than rice you can add vitamin-rich foods and fats to regular foods. Instead of feeding them jumbo meals, you can divide them into small meals with nutritious foods. Continue to give them these nutrients every 2 day or 3 days.

Egg yolks
Raw beef
Fish washed with fresh blood
Water spinach
Green beans
Soybeans etc

Can increase the strength of your roosters these are some samples you can combine as you want.

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