What is the significance of separating your roosters from cages?

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The experienced Sabong 888 in the Philippines always suggest keeping your roosters separate. what is the significance of keeping them separate? and what are the benefits? if we don’t do like this then what will happen? If you want to raise the sabong roosters with others then how it’s possible? there are so many questions regarding this topic so we sabongwm88 will
clear it out for you so no worries.

1. How long the time period of separation will long?

Sabong International rooster is no more special than other chickens they are like the normal chickens that grow in the flock, following their mother around and they also have brothers and sisters to tag along. But in some stages sabong chickens need to separate from the common cage else they will start to fight each other and hurt each other. normally when the rooster becomes 6 months old then it is separated from the cages in order to avoid these kinds of situations. But breeding the chicken in large amount need more space and a coop facility. so it is always not easy to separate a certain amount of roosters, and this is very expensive. It always depends upon the number of chickens, coops, area, etc

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2. Advantages of separating coops of sabong chickens

It’s always questionable why should cockers need to separate the Sabong roosters in separate cages. why don’t you raise them with the other chickens so you can reduce the coop area and other expenses? sounds easy right?. But if you are raising a Sabong 888 chicken then you need to train them to be aggressive. because aggression is a dangerous feeling that will make you do anything. to accomplish anything. so if your cock fight with aggression they will win the match.

The scientific explanation behind aggression is when you are aggressive there will be an adrenaline rush and this raises your strength like this, in cocks hormone variations happen and they possess more strength than they usually have. In Sabong 888, we always need to present an eye catchy fight right? so training them with aggression is necessary. but there are some side effects for an aggressive chicken, they always show a tendency to fight with whoever is with them whenever they want. so this make an adverse effect on the other chicken.

If you allow the Sabong International rooster to tag along with the others then they naturally become one of them and lose their bloody and aggressive nature so in both ways it’s a loss situation. when the cocks reach their fighting stage they start to pick fights among the others and peck each other. when you notice something like this you need to separate them immediately .else they will kill each other.

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3. how to take care of the sabong roosters after separation

This stage of separation is considered as adulthood of the cocks .in this stage they will become real bloody cock to fight bloody battles. the cockers will train them in such a way. and in this stage, their health need to take care of .any simple mistakes during this face may affect them very badly in the future. so you need to care for their physical as well as mental state. there are more things you need to take care of sabongwm88 will explain them to you

The first thing you need to do is worm prevention. when cocks come out of the coop you need to give them worm-prevention medicine in order to deworm them. this will help the S888 live cock’s digestion to be better also the cooks can absorb all the vitamins and nutrients in the food. It is very normal that some cocks will show discomfort with the new place it’s like homesickness in humans when they migrate. so the roosters will skip meals or not eat like the situation will raise, so you don’t need to worry about it too much, it is common. 

When they really can’t fast that much they automatically come out and eat well .all you need to do is wait for some time. if they take too much time like more than 2 days! then you should be careful and take the advice of a veterinarian. always give meals to the cocks at a fixed time like 2 meals per day (7 am and 5 pm). Feed the chicken in the correct interval like 10 -15 minutes. if you give the chicken food at 7 am then wait for 10-15 minutes to eat the food after you can take away the food in this way you train your chicken. there will be certain times to eat.do not leave the food all day in the coop.

This will make your chicken fatty and lazy.Combine the meals with nutrient food that is vitamin riched. if the food is fresh then it will be more good. fresh vegetables and fresh small fishes are great for them. you can give meat, fish, eel, squirrel, and worm-like food to your chicken.sea foods with calcium riched will increase stamina and born weight.

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