Techniques to make your injured rooster battle ready


How to get your rooster back into battle shape after it has been hurt.

Sabong betting is a most popular game in the philippines. You can find the sabong tournaments at both local, national, and international levels. We have championships and leagues for sabong alone. So it is very common that the roosters in the sabong to get hurt during the fight. After curing their injuries most of the roosters will resist their self to fight back.

They eventually become afraid of the situation or lame. This is the kind of mental state that happens to an injured rooster. So how cockers can recover from this situation? How were they able to bring back their roosters as they used to be? Curious about it? Then we will explain it to you stay tuned.

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Why the rooster holds back from fightings after injury recovery

Sabong betting is like a national game in the philippines. Filippino spent most of their money on sabong also they protect the best game farms by investing in it. Sabong is one of the games that is loaded with tons of money from every corner of the philippines.
You can even watch a sabong in local streets with a small group of people. So the participants in the sabong get hurt often. Some of them get crippled to their bones. Some of them get killed. Because it’s a bloody game. The roosters in cockfight are like warriors in the sabong, it’s more like a ” win or dies ” situation.


So it is also often that the roosters become lame after the sabong. So if you need to cure your lame rooster, you need to find out the reason for the injury and how bad it is. Then you need to check about the health condition of the rooster. So you can cure him in the right way.

Due to several reasons, roosters become lame

If the roosters have weak immunity from genetics, weak muscles, or diseases in the legs that may cause their lameness.
Extra hard training your rooster with wrong stretches and exercise may cause lameness.
While during the sabong, if the opponent attacks so hard then there is a chance of breaking the bones and becoming lame.

Being caged in small boxes can make them lame because there is no proper space to stretch and exercise. Roosters for sabong need to exercise regularly so they can develop muscles and improve immunity. Training is very essential for roosters. If the training is not done properly, roosters need to face the adverse effect

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What are the side effects of roosters' lameness?

Lameness may lead your rooster to lose its power. When it’s coming to fighting roosters’ legs are their key factor. They used their legs to fastly dodge and jump. The blades will attach to their legs in order to attack the opponent. So lameness will make them walk harder. How could a rooster fight back and win the sabong when he can’t even walk properly?
So it’s the end of the rooster’s career. Also, it’s an issue of survival. Even other chickens will bully the lame chicken. So the only way to rescue them is to make them fight back,battle-ready in that way roosters can survive off their own kind.

How to treat your lame Sabong

There are some techniques available to treat your lame rooster in order to survive and get ready to fight back. Every sabong gamer and breeder should aware of these techniques.

Treatment for the lameness

The first thing is first. When you find out your rooster is lame. Immediately check up on the rooster and find the cause of the lameness. Maybe it’s a wound from cock fighting in the sabong so you need to treat it first. If there are no wounds still your rooster showing the act of lameness then you need to take the advice of a veterinarian. To know that if any wounds happen internally, any broken bones, or weak immunity like that.

To detect the broken bones of a rooster is much easier for the experienced one they thoroughly check the cock and do some manipulation on the chicken’s feet and detect the broken bones. But it’s hard for the inexperienced ones. So those people who are new to this should seek the help of a veterinarian.

The second phase is to inject the rooster with a painkiller to make the wound dress easily. After injecting you can remove the hair on the wounded area and start dressing. You can use braces as well as sticks to support their legs. Firstly apply the medicines or injections then attach the braces or stick with the area of lameness then dress well.

While treating the lameness you need to take care of a few things

    Painkillers must be in the right dosage, overdosage may lead to the death of the rooster
  • You should ice the wounded area for 20 to 30 minutes at least, then start applying for the medicines.
  • You should dress the wound as fast as you can because roosters will not allow you to do that because of the trauma and they constantly resist you so you need to do it by force with a minimal amount of time.
  • You should not leave the dressed wound for while. You need to check the wound regularly and clean and dress the wound 3 times a day for a fast recovery. In this way, the rooster will not get infected.
  • You should not dress the wound so tightly or loosely. If you too tighten it, eventually the blood will clot in that area and the leg turn blue. This is a dangerous situation. If you loosen the area, then it may cause to not working of the braces(supporters that are attached to the wound) to.

Maintain lame Sabong 888 in a specific mannerSabong

Treating the lameness will take at least 1 month. So in this time if you are able to adjust the nutrients and diet with proper treatment can heal the rooster in minimal time. You should keep the cage outdoors and lots of air is needed also space is important. If cage the rooster  in a box that will possess an adverse effect on the wound.

Give the rooster calcium supplements and calcium-rich meals in order to heal quickly. Include small fish, prawns, clams, crabs, etc in the diet. During the healing period, the chances of getting a fever and loss of appetite are very common so the owner always needs to observe the chicken. And make sure that the chicken fertilizes and eats well.

Make the cage separate for the wounded sabong in order to avoid fighting with the other roosters. If you put them together the situation will be worst than you could ever imagine.>

Medicinal alcohol massage for roosters

After treating the lameness of the chicken the cockers need to be careful about the roosters to not move too much. If the sabong moves way too faster there is a chance of breaking its leg. So cockers need to train them to walk properly and slowly. For faster recovery massage the cock whole body with medicinal alcohol without muscle twitching.

The process of recovery will improve gradually. The treatment should be done right for a fast recovery. Do not make the rooster immediately to training and it is not advisable to release the cock to the flock. There may attack each other and hurt each other.

You can also use the guise and boiled ginger water mixture to avoid bacterial infection on the wound. You need to boil the water with ginger and guise leaves. Then let the wound soak in this solution for several minutes. In this way, you can avoid fungal or bacterial infection and recover faster than expected time.

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Is it possible for an injured rooster to participate in sabong

This is a curious topic discussed in the first place. According to research, 90% of the cocks will make it to the sabong if the injury is not too serious.10% of the cock will not continue to fight because of the serious issues. In order to make your injured cock fight back, first take care of the injury and make them walk properly.

Then give them vitamin-rich meals every day so they can improve their health. Adding calcium-rich nutrition foods like oysters and snails can heal the chicken fastly. After that train them slowly to make some friendly sabong before real sabong. Don’t push your rooster so much for the training. They need some time and they will come to fight when they fully recovered.

Once the rooster recovered from the trauma you can give a small kind of motivation to the roosters. Like allowing small fights and small exercises. He will improve slowly. Giving some small tasks to the rooster and helping him to accomplish them with a little support will increase his confidence. You take care of your rooster with love and care, motivate them daily, giving them nutrients rich food all these factors will help your crippled rooster to back to the field.

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