Must-have foods for the extremely strong Sabong roosters

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Diet is a very important part when raising a Sabong International rooster. For extremely strong chicken normal diet and nutrition are not enough. They need additional must-have food in order to keep up their strength.

You can provide natural supplements as well as medicinal supplements for this purpose. There is some guideline for this kind of ultimate food diet sabongwm88 will teach you how to do that. 888 Sabong nutrition is poultry nutrition it relates to the performance of the rooster in Sabong 888. It deals with lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, supplements, organic, etc.

Anything that will boost the rooster’s energy will be considered in this category. Sabong (s888 live) nutriotion is concentrated on anabolism and metabolism. According to traditional thinking abilities of the rooster are limited to its genetics. But it’s not true we can alter the abilities of a rooster with superb nutrition.
We can do this by using natural substances or with some supplements let’s see what they are.

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1. Anabolic and metabolic nutrition foods.

Increasing metabolism will boost the energy of the rooster and anabolism will develop muscles for the rooster. So it is very important to feed the Sabong 888 chicken with foods (anabolic + metabolic)

1.1 Meat for sabong rooster

Pork, beef-like meat will help the rooster’s health and give strength to their bones. They never feel a lack of energy if they constantly consume meat. If cockers combine meat with exercise then it will benefit the rooster in many ways.It helps to develop muscles and tone the body. Eventually, they become stronger and unbeatable. This kind of food should be included in their daily meals.

Meat is very good for sabong chicken still these are not easy to digest. So to avoid this situation you can clean the meat and cut it into small pieces. Include meats in the noon section meals.

1.2 Eggs for sabong rooster

Eggs are a source of protein and vitamins consuming eggs will make them superbly stronger. Quail eggs are suitable for Sabong International roosters. Heard of “1 quail is equal to 1000 chicken” like it’s an egg is much more powerful than any egg. So consuming this will be an asset to their health. Quail eggs are good nutrition, but don’t let your 888 Sabong rooster consume so much. Weekly 2 or 3 days fed them the quail eggs. Also, add some fruits to the Sabong live Philippines rooster’s diet not more than 4.

1.3 Eels for sabong rooster

Eels are very beneficial food for your
Sabong rooster. It contains high omega-3 fatty acids which are the best nutrient for your chicken. It helps to improve bp lower cholesterol and also protect the heart. Eels are rich in vitamin-a which will help to improve combat skills and eye vision. A rooster with his best high vision is unbeatable. Eels also contain vitamin-dd which Will help to improve the immune system of your sabong 888 rooster. The preparation is as follows. Cut the eel into small pieces and feed your sabong international rooster about 5-6 pieces, if the eel is very small then one is enough to feed them don’t need to cut them. Fed your rooster once every 2 days. Give them eels with the noon meal in order to avoid an indigestion situation.

1.4 Blood cockles for sabong rooster

Blood cockles are a great source of vitamin b12, iodine, iron, selenium, phosphorous, copper, and protein. Cockles contain over 23 times the amount of vitamin b12 than beef. This food is very difficult to find out. It’s often seen in the deep sea that’s why it is very expensive.

But if you include blood cockles in your sabong rooster’s diet you can see a drastic change in their health. As mentioned before blood cockles contain lots of vitamins and minerals. You can feed your rooster with blood cockles 2 weeks before the sabong. Weekly 3 days or 4 days can add cockles to the diet. To avoid indigestion fed them with noon meals.

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5 Great reasons to combine blood cockles into your rooster’s diet

  1. blood cockles contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals, are low in fat and are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  2.  unlike popular belief, eating cockles does not raise blood cholesterol levels.
  3.  blood cockles are low in calories, which is ideal for losing weight!
  4. different blood cockles have different health benefits, so we should eat a variety of them to get the most out of them.
  5. a daily dose of blood cockles considers one of your recommended “Two-a-week” servings of seafood.

1.5 Green vegies for sabong rooster

Green vegetables are beneficial to chicken digestion. You can boost their energy by adding more vegetables to their diet. Adding more vegetables during the summer helps them stay hydrated. There is a long list of plants that chickens enjoy as treats when foraging. Darker, richer yolks can be produced by eating dark leafy greens. Greens such as lettuce, kale, turnip greens, and chard are excellent choices. When fed in moderation, watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries make healthy snacks for chickens.

Among the flock’s favorites are:
Lettuce, beets, broccoli, carrots, kale, swiss chard, squash, tomato, spinach, pumpkins, and cucumbers are among the vegetables. Lavender, mint, oregano, parsley, cilantro, thyme, and basil are among the herbs used. Daylilies, hostas, daisies, roses, coneflowers, and ferns are examples of perennials.

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The foods your Sabong 888 rooster should not be fed

A few other foods should be avoided because they contain toxins that can cause illness or even death in birds. Avocado pits and skins are poisonous to chickens because they contain the toxin persin. Avocado flesh is suitable for chickens. Undercooked or dried beans can be harmful because they contain hemagglutinin, a compound that can inhibit the digestion of everything the bird consumes. Rhubarb contains anthraquinones, which have laxative properties. Damaged rhubarb may also contain a high concentration of oxalic acid, which can be fatal to humans in relation to chickens moldy, rotten, and extremely salty foods can cause excessively wet feces, which can be toxic.

2 Medicine supplements for 888 Sabong roosters

You can give medicine supplements to your rooster instead of the above-mentioned foods. Sometimes it’s hard to collect those foods when they are not common in the market. So you can use medicine supplements in order to boost your chicken.

This will give a fast reaction and fast action. This is more effective than organic food. Therefore you should not misuse this medicine. Give the medicine at the right dose. If you overdose on your chicken this may lead to death. Dr. Blue and vitamin b12 are some of the famous supplements.

You should use these supplements with a prescription from a veteran. Each time when you try to do something new to your chicken’s health, it is advisable to consult the veterinarian. There are certain injections through the chicken nose which will help to absorb vitamins quickly way, Becozin 0.5cc Lasroscobin-like medicines are injected through the nose for better absorption.

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3 Important things to keep in mind

Always do daily check-ups on your roosters about their diet, and how they consume, monitor their sleep schedules, and make sure they are not feeling any discomfort. If any symptoms appear after consuming any of the foods, you must discontinue that particular food immediately. Before giving any rooster a large amount of new food, you should first test it with a small amount. And ensure that they are not overly allergic.

If you are using medicine supplements like Becozin 0.5cc Lasroscobin you should not let them fight immediately, wait for 3 days, and when the slime disappeared they will fight energetically. It is a chance that people may misuse the drugs in a certain way so it is always preferable to use organic supplements. 

The chicken should consume all types of foods equally no more, no less. Do not feed them too much of one type of food. At least two months before you should start this special diet in order to make your chicken healthy.

Hope this article will help to make your chicken strong.

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