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The health of the chicken places an important role in sabong. it is the major key to winning any sabong in the philippines. a well-raised rooster can bring you a fortune. if you see sabong as a way to make money then you will never care for the roosters. but if you take the spirit and passion for sabong you really will take care of the rooster’s health very the participants of the sabong roosters are from well-reputed farms .beacuse of their well-maintained health measures

  • RGA game farm
  • Nene Aguilar game farm
  • AEJ game farm
  • Red game farm
  • DL game farm
  • Red foot game farm
  • AA cobra game farm
  • Blue blade game farm
  • Firebird game farm
  • DVH and Sons game farm 

these are the top ten roosters’ well-breeding game farms. and the participants from these game farms were already loaded with tons of prizes and had proven their skills. Some of the breeders will provide peacock medicine for the fighting roosters to imp[rove their health and fighting skills. a small portion of the medicine is given to the fighting roosters in order to present a fantastic performance. this is a common practice among the reputed roosters breeding. but a good thing always comes with many buts right??

so what about giving public medicines to the fighting chickens instead of peacock medicine? they say that it will improve the cock’s health as well as fitness and endurance. then how we will effectively use this public medicine for the roosters let’s find out this

Peacock medicines vs sabong roosters all you need to know

Raising a rooster for sabong is not a simple process we think it’s really hard than raising a man .more like you are raising a warrior for the battle .so the sabong rooster’s health, endurance, and nutrition are equally important. if you compromise on these three key rules your raising of a sabong rooster may not be successful. The famous cockers will raise the cocks with high training in order to pass the high competitions in sabong. sabong is all about the rooster’s skills, the rooster should be faster in dodging and calmer in analyzing the opponent, and also should have some tricks to beat the opponent. for more powerful actions certain cockers are drugged their cock with some supplement for the best outcome.

POULTRY plays an important role when it comes to the supplements for roosters. Poultry is a powerful energizing medicine that boosts the rooster’s endurance so it can fight to its fullest. this is very demanding medicine and expensive. so that these medicines will be sold only for sabong fact, if there is any lacking of these public drugs they will import them from other countries.

public medicines are usually an extraction of natural and organic compounds. these medicines will help the roosters hormone to stimulate and give the full energy to fight back. this is like an adrenaline rush in humans. when there is an adrenaline rush humans become more powerful and do the things that can’t do. like that pesticide used in roosters to get the adrenaline rush .and it acts like an aphrodisiac in humans. and the roosters win the game when they are at the peak of sabong. Using drugs in roosters is not illegal in sabong.

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Public medicines good or bad for sabong roosters 

nowadays usage of public medicine in sabong is become a common practice, in order to increase the energy of the cocks. in sabong the roosters need to show their full fire and anger in order to win, for example in a basketball game the player is trained well for the game, and having skills is the best. but still, he needs to give his fullest to win the game .he needs more energy to present a great play. he needs to let out his anger and passion reside.

and this factor perfectly reflects his game results. Similarly, roosters also need to play their sabong with full spirit. when determination, passion, and excitement come together there will only be a winning situation. it’s natural to give public medicine to roosters in famous and reputed sabong rings in order to develop a majestic victory.

public medicines are very useful and it is also good for the cocks to win their game but if the roosters get over dosage then there will be extremely high side it is very important not to overdosage the roosters. public medicines can increase the excitement of the rooster also it develops muscles and tendons in cocks, so they can fight back like a warrior. poultry like drugs will help the rooster to kill the opponent immediately. so if it’s over dosage then you can’t even imagine what will happens next. Overdosage will cause muscle fatigue in roosters and the excitement and not being able to fight in the competition will make the rooster angry and break the mental system of the rooster. as a result they will attack everyone in the area even the master or kill their self. this is dangerous.

To avoid dangerous situations like this, only use public medicines for roosters under a veterinarian’s prescription. don’t use it as you want. and only use it just before the sabong so the cock can take out his anger on the opponent, not on the co-roosters and not give these medicines daily to the roosters. give them vitamins and protein-rich meals every day and take care of their good health. an unhealthy cock can’t fight in sabong only by consuming public medicine .health is a key factor.

Top public medicines that are used in roosters for Sabong in the Philippines.

 Lampam fighting chicken medicine (Herbal medicine)

lampam is one of the famous public medicines in sabong. this will use to increase the rooster’s energy. it also boosts the nutrition and internal functions of the chicken. roosters get well sleep by consuming these supplements. also, they eat well. so this enhances the whole health of the fighting rooster. lampam was originally an extraction of natural components such as ginseng, honey, seaweed, etc. lampam is a very expensive public medicine for roosters.

lampam medicine was given to the rooster just one day before the this way, the sabong will be effective. lampam public medicines come in tablets that can be directly consumed by roosters. you don’t need to dilute on water or anything. this is a widely used medicine in sabong because of the least side effects.

Cong VIP public medicine

As the name implies cong vip is used between the vip sabong bookies. almost every cocker will use this supplement to boost endurance .it also help the rooster to fight back with 10 times the power. so the opponent will not stand against a rooster who consumed cong vip

these supplements build muscles extremely and if overdosed then cause loss of mental and physical health. This supplement is very cheap that’s why it is popular.


 Chloramphenicol 250g super extra

Chloramphenicol 250g super extra public medicine is another common drug that is used to increase the endurance of the rooster. this originated in Thailand.the drug in the form of tablets. They use in smaller dosages like 50 mg/kg IM q6-12h For roosters .these public medicine will boost the rooster’s energy by 10 times. it is double effective as we think and overdosage may lead to internal function damage and even cause death.

Aminoplex injections public supplements

This very effective injections in sabong roosters. aminoplex contains more than 30% of nutrients which will increase your rooster’s health dramatically. this medicine considers the ruler of public medicine. this injection is only given to the rooster during the sabong about to fight. By injecting aminoplex injection roosters will become n200% more excited and aggressive which will make them fight like a beast. the roosters will able to jump and doge faster than normal. which will sure your victory. over dosage of this drug have an adverse effect. Public medicine that gives chickens injections to help them fight is a very unique type of public medicine. This is a drug that is used to make fighting cocks stronger while they are fighting. This type of injection gives the fighting cock more energy, keeps it awake, and makes it stronger. For this medicine to work well  for cockfighting, you should give the birds an injection right before the most important fights. The drug’s effects will happen within 12 hours, so doctors are sure it will work.

Authentic store to buy sabong rooster public medicine

nowadays you can find out a wide variety of public medicine everywhere like online and offline. so how do you know that it is authentic? how you can differentiate between fake and real public cockers always make sure while buying drugs for the roosters. You can buy the drugs from veterinary drug stores .they are authentic and you don’t need to worry about it. what you all you need to do is spell the correct name of the above-stated medicines. or you can simply use the prescription of your veterinarian so no risk at all. the cockers can directly buy these public medicines from famous cockers. they will be the main dealers of this kind of product .so definitely, they have stock of that. also, you can buy weapons for the sabong from them.


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